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A Warm Welcome and a Beautiful Smile

Aldana Medical & Dental Center is one of the good dental clinics located at Abu dhabi. We provide a full range of dental treatments and solutions for any kind of dental issue or problem that you may have.

We at Aldana are dedicated to provide anxiety-free dental care services for all our patient. You can be rest assured that you will receive good dental treatment and care at Aldana.

What to Expect from Al Dana?

At Al Dana, you can enjoy the most effective dental care throughout Abu Dhabi, restoring not only your oral health, but your confidence as well. Our team of orthodontists and periodontists are specialized in the management of multiple teeth and gum conditions they can identify and treat a number of gum conditions, and prevent sensitivity or loss of tooth. There are two main gum diseases, and we provide complete all-encompassing treatment for both – gingivitis and periodontitis.

Al Dana aims to provide the premium dental clinic Abu Dhabi services through high end care. The clinic is integrated with sophisticated and state of the art equipment and technology to enable precise and accurate care, and make dental treatments something people no longer need to be afraid of. We also provide a competitive range of cosmetic treatments to make you smile confidently. Let your teeth shine for themselves.

Why Al Dana for your premium services

Al Dana is the good dental clinic in Abu Dhabi as we provide premium dental services to our clients. Whatever complex issue you may have, or whatever problem you may have with your teeth, injury, accident, loss of teeth, gum problems, or cosmetic problems, dont worry about it, or lose confidence in your looks. We are here to restore your teeth to the finest of our abilities so your confidence grows greatly, and you will be able to do your job better, meet people happily and smile whole heartedly.
We provide everything related to dental hygiene and care, right from general checkups to cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. Our extensive treatments are performed by highly qualified and certified dentists, periodontists and orthodontists who have performed thousands of procedures in their practice. With their wealth of experience, we are in a position to give you complete oral care. Always make sure to come to us for your regular dental checkups because it is these once-in-6-months dental check ups that will reveal a number of problems. Listen to our dentists as they suggest care tips and advice because you can always have healthy teeth if you care for them correctly.

Our Specialties

As the finest dental hospital in Abu Dhabi, we provide a variety of dental treatments including dental implants, pediatric dentistry, dental X-ray, orthodontics and teeth whitening services. So whether it is a simple and quick dental checkup or a complex care that requires surgery or dental implants, we have a range of dental services, including dental implants, as the premier dental hospital in Abu Dhabi. We have dental hygienists who can remove the plaque and tartar on your teeth, and make them white and clean. Visit our clinic for regular check ups and our dentists will be able to detect any problems. Our dentists are highly experienced in calming and relaxing anxious and nervous patients, going through their treatments so they will know what to expect and how to be prepared.


Experienced Doctors

The doctors at Al Dana, a reputed dental clinic Abu Dhabi, are highly qualified and trained experts who have been in the field for several years. They can detect problems before they assert themselves and affect the quality of your life. With their experience and knowledge, they can provide advanced care and improve your dental and systemic health.
Our customized diagnosis and treatment solutions can heal the body as a whole, starting with the mouth because oral health is directly related to your overall health. If there is anything wrong with your teeth and gums, then it would affect your health in general. The team of experts at Al Dana, the dental hospital in Abu Dhabi will ensure that you have the good care in town, with clean and hygienic teeth and a dazzling smile.

One of the Leading Dental Clinic In Abu Dhabi

We operate a dental hospital in Abu Dhabi, offering treatment for an array of dental health conditions, including teeth abnormalities, injuries and defects. Our dental department specializes in teeth whitening, dental implants, orthodontics, and dental X-ray services. Our knowledge and skills as well as experienced professionals let us set a high standard of dental care. It is what customers have come to expect from us, as the dental clinic in Abu Dhabi. We always strive to offer an excellent and comprehensive range of dental health services with dental equipment of global standards. Our dental clinic Abu Dhabi location is equipped with all the pieces of equipment necessary for dental treatment.

Our dental care experts will offer the support and communication that you need to be successful and at ease in getting dental care. We want to help break down the challenges in mental health and dental care to help with the unique requirements of our patients. Access to dental healthcare is potentially challenging for several people. We are here to address the challenge with our dental hospital in Abu Dhabi city.

We are always excited about working with and educating patients with mental challenges about various dental issues. We believe that it is possible to bring about a positive mindset among those patients through quality support and education. With compassion and a passion to improve access to excellent healthcare, our partnership with patients often proves to be a mutually beneficial situation to everyone.

We take pride in the work we keep putting into excellence in dental care. As a dental clinic Abu Dhabi operator, we feel lucky to be in a community that understands the importance of investing in quality dental care. We are grateful for your support in helping us be a go-to dental clinic in Abu Dhabi while making ours among the healthiest communities in the UAE.

We serve people and their family members with a continuous sequence of care that relies on specially-trained professionals with skills and experience in dental health. Feel free to go through our website and learn more about the services that we offer.

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Diagnosing teeth, mouth, and jaw abnormalities includes Crooked teeth, Bite problems overbite or an underbite.
Evaluating the best treatment method for correction.
Preparing mouths for braces or other treatments with spacers, arch wires, etc. Designing, applying, and adjusting individualized appliances.


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