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About Us

As a dental center Abu Dhabi location, we have a team of experienced and adept dentists who strive to offer optimal care and solutions possible. Our clinic is equipped with sophisticated technology and everything else necessary for modern oral healthcare. We will not claim that we offer dental care at the lowest price. It is not possible to use top-notch tools and hire leading dental specialists while offering the lowest rates. Our prices are affordable, but we specialize in offering our patients optimal care with the most recent technology.

Our dental expert center Abu Dhabi location employs professionals who only look to help UAE patients get safe and affordable oral care. We make it a point to avoid subjecting patients to undue pressure through healthcare sales practices. Instead, our dentists and other professionals respect patients while offering them solid guidance on dental health and oral health issues. We put patients above profits. All businesses should make profits, and we are no exception. That said, we will put your requirements above our financial ambitions. Feel free to ask our list of clients to know how they feel about working with us.

We meet the highest standards for dental care and patient safety. We always practice all forms of dentistry in your best interest. Our passion is only matched by our unwavering commitment to offering quality oral care services.

We love to care for the patients who visit our dental center Abu Dhabi location; you will feel a difference in our approach the moment you interact with our professionals. We cannot guarantee that we will make oral care fun in the strictest sense of the world. Nevertheless, we will care for you greatly and will do all we can to aid you in enjoying the time you spend with us at our dental expert center Abu Dhabi venue. We will offer you a stunning smile, ways to own it, and many reasons to keep smiling. With us, a healthy and bright smile is just waiting for you. Schedule a consultation with us to know how you can improve your present smile.

About Al Dana Medical Service

Al Dana Medical and Dental Centre has a rich service history spanning several years, and providing the most accurate and precision printed dental care in all of Abu Dhabi. Apart from providing timely diagnostic brilliance, our team of dentists and orthodontists at the dental center Abu Dhabi are known for delivering preventive maintenance through proper advice and care.

Our dentists work from the micro level and they utilize the sophisticated machines at our clinic to detect and treat tooth and gum decay at the tiniest levels. Dentistry is a stream of medicine where sterilization and hygiene are of paramount importance, especially since there is always close contact with saliva and blood. So we take utmost care and precaution while moving from one patient to another, and through our highly innovative technology, we have been able to provide the premium care to our patients.

Expert team of dentists

Our dentists at the dental center Abu Dhabi have been in the field for several years, and they are experts at diagnosing and treating all kinds of teeth and gum problems. They are experienced in handling anxious patients, including nervous children, and will be able to calm them. They are caring and empathetic, and ready to explain the procedures in detail.

Our dentists have developed end-to-end solutions including customized solutions to our patients, providing various cosmetic treatment modules at affordable rates. The emphasis is on quality and transparency, and ardently striving to cater to global standards of density throughout Abu Dhabi.

Steps to Consultation

If you suspect any sort of dental issue, tooth pain, discomfort in the gum or jaw area, book an appointment with us in whichever it is convenient for you – online, through email or come to our clinic. As a patient-centric dental expert center Abu Dhabi, we will arrange an appointment based on the availability of our doctors and orthodontists, depending on what your requirement is. If it is a regular dental check up, we will fix an appointment with our dentists and you can meet with the dentists based on the date and time allotment.

Never put off meeting with dentists when you have any dental problems. The earlier you get to us the better we can treat and cure you. Because, often, untreated dental issues can lead to other health complications. Meeting with our dentists is so easy, and being the greatest dental center Abu Dhabi we provide the most reliable care.

We have treated hundreds of patients as a complete oral health service provider.

We provide an array of dental solutions for the whole family. From check-ups, dental implants, teeth whitening, routine cleanings to dental X-rays and more, we can offer you complete dental healthcare.

Our dental health practitioners are experienced and skilled at what they do. We focus on getting acquainted with you and understanding your requirements to offer you customized care. Several dental health procedures are available with us to help improve your smile and appearance. Whether you wish to make your smile brighter with the teeth whitening procedure or transform it with dental wear, we invite you to talk about your needs with us.

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We have been in operation for years as a trusted dental hospital in Abu Dhabi.

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Dentistry Abu Dhabi

Why Choose Al Dana Medical And Dental Center?

You deserve exemplary dental healthcare in a comfortable and supportive environment. We look to offer that environment to everyone at our dental clinic in Abu Dhabi. Preventative, restorative and cosmetic care options are our primary concerns. It is possible to prevent several dental health problems with the right professionals. Through preventative care, we wish to aid you in feeling empowered regarding your oral health. You can experience the quality of services from the level of care that we offer. We have pediatric professionals and orthodontists in one environment, which ensures that children have a continuity of healthcare throughout their adolescence.

Quality and Affordability – Dental Expert Center

Al Dana is the most trusted resource for patient-centric dental expert center Abu Dhabi services. Our focus is on the quality and timeliness of the service that we provide, and we combine our passion in dentistry to ensure excellence in treatment. And to ensure quality care, we constantly upgrade our technologies and equipment so our patients always get precise treatments. We also make sure that our treatments are affordable to all, good dental care doesn’t have to be expensive.

I wish to express my gratitude to you and your team for your caring and gentle dental care. I am no longer as anxious about going to see the dentist as in the past thanks to you.
Abu Dhabi
You are a great team of dental health professionals. You made me feel at ease right from the first day I walked into your office. Your doctor offered me an implant with a perfect fit. I was a bit nervous about the procedure, but your approach reduced my fears a lot. Thank you for your services.
I do not think I could be happier about my smile thanks to Al Dana’s cosmetic dentistry services. Now, I am getting a lot of compliments about my smile that I was not getting before. I do not how to thank you guys. Really appreciate your efforts.
Abu Dhabi
I enjoyed my dental experience at Al Dana. Your front desk staff was cooperative in scheduling an appointment with your doctor at a convenient time for me and my daughter. The doctor cared about her overall health and seems to have the necessary experience and skill for this field.
Dubai Sports City
I recommend Al Dana, particularly for people who fear visiting the dentist. I was anxious about the visit, but Al Dana’s staff made me comfortable by telling me that it was normal to feel that way. Thank you for the services without making me feel embarrassed about being anxious..