Abu Dhabi Emergency Dental Care: What You Need to Know

Abu Dhabi Emergency Dental Care: What You Need to Know
Medical emergencies are always what they are, unforeseen and unpredictable! And while dental emergencies may not seem immediately life threatening, it is important to know what to do when you need relief from pain. Through prompt dentistry Abu Dhabi services, you will be treated for your dental pain, and the problem identified and solved.
What is a dental emergency?
If you have unbearable dental pain that doesn’t seem to go away with home remedies, or if it spreads to your throat, ears, head, then don’t wait. It is a dental emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately. There could be some problem with the teeth and supporting tissues that can affect the biological, functional and aesthetic aspect of the teeth. Not visiting the dentist might lead to more complications. If you have been injured in a fight, game or accident, and the bleeding from the gums just wouldn’t stop, in spite of home remedies like rinsing with warm water and placing an ice pack, head to the emergency room without wasting any time. And with broken facial bones, there is no need to wait at all, because you might need emergency surgery to prevent further complications.
Understanding the different types of dental emergencies
There are so many kinds of dental emergencies, but you can broadly classify them into three types. The orthodontist in Abu Dhabi can identify and treat the problem and give you relief Here they are:
  • Traumatic
  • Infectious
  • Post-procedural
Traumatic emergencies
Traumatic dental emergencies happen where there are avulsions, luxations and tooth fractures. A trauma happens with intentional or unintentional physical violence like falls, traffic or sports accidents, violence and so on. If the site for traumatic injury is not addressed, it would cause bacterial infection on the dentition of surrounding structures.
Infectious emergencies
These emergencies can be biologically mediated, and includes fungal, bacterial or viral infections. These can happen with conditions like irreversible pulpitis, pulp necrosis, periodontitis, and apical and periodontal abscesses. These are also dental emergencies, because, if they are not treated correctly, the bacteria or the viral infection can spread to other areas like the deep spaces of the neck, sinus area, even the brain and lead to life-threatening conditions, even airway compromise. Don’t let things like that happen because ignoring dental issues, thinking they can resolve by themselves is the biggest mistake as that can turn fatal. Once the infectious emergency situation is cleared, following a healthy lifestyle and proper oral hygiene will nurse you back to health.
Post procedural dental emergencies
Post procedural dental emergencies might sound scary because they often happen with tooth extractions. If bleeding persists for more than 12 hours after a dental extraction, then it is imperative to seek medical help right away. This could be because the blood is not clotting correctly. Complications could arise from post extraction, and they might lead to prolonged pain that can be relieved only through an immediate visit to the dental clinic.Timely care during medical emergencies is the key to treating medical emergencies before they become serious. This can hasten the overall outcome of the condition. Through dentistry Abu Dhabi services, you can be treated in the right manner, and get your life back to normal.

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