Dental Implant Clinic in Abu Dhabi

We offer dental implant in Abu Dhabi services to patients from any part of the world. The word dental implant refers to a surgical fixture that comes as a screw put in the jaw. It entails a surgical process that comprises inserting the screw or root implant in the jaw as well as attaching an artificial tooth resembling the actual teeth. The teeth are usually a custom-made product to ensure the best fit possible for the user. An abutment is used to hold the screw and tooth together.

A dental implant in Abu Dhabi service is necessary for situations where a grown-up has a tooth missing and should fill the void. It is typically an alternative to dentures, bridges or crowns. Choosing not to undergo a dental implant process can contribute to bite issues, bone deterioration and other problems. You can discover top options to think about when you feel like visiting a dentistry Abu Dhabi clinic for implants.

Dentistry Abu Dhabi

  • Implants look similar to the actual teeth and have a comparable feel

  • The products have a potentially long life

  • Implants are a good way to drive down the bone deterioration level

  • These do not leave any gaps, thus helping to eliminate the chance of dental bacterial infection

  • These help to confirm that there is a lack of bone loss as well as a density reduction in the nearby area

Why Choose Al Dana Medical And Dental Center For Dental Implants?

We offer affordable and high-quality dental implant treatment to customers in the United Arab Emirates. We have been offering quality dental care services to patients, including dental implant treatment.

Implants are a great solution to bring your mouth back to its pre-issue functions. The treatment is worthwhile whether you lost the teeth because of an issue such as accident, decay, or gum disease. Book a dental implant treatment consultation with us, and talk about your concerns with our medical professionals. We will not force you into undergoing the treatment. Together, we can arrive at a decision that best serves your interests and meets our dentistry Abu Dhabi clinic responsibilities.