Dental X Ray in Abu Dhabi

Dental X Ray in Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for a dental X-ray in Abu Dhabi city? If so, look no further than Al Dana Medical and Dental Center in Abu Dhabi. The X-rays mean images that can help detect issues in your teeth, jaw, mouth and gums early. Treating issues before these become serious can aid in saving money, pain and other headaches.

What You May Need The X-Rays

In your list of things to do, getting a dental x ray in Abu Dhabi perhaps does not rank all that high. For many people, it is not fun to wear heavy equipment in sensitive parts for even some seconds. Nevertheless, an X-ray image can tell a lot about your dental health. It can help a dental health provider in Abu Dhabi see the state of your roots and teeth, the composition of your facial bones, and jaw placement. It can help the provider in discovering and treating dental issues at an early stage of their development.

X-rays help detect issues that are not visible through an oral examination. Discovering and treating those issues at that stage can help you avoid discomfort, save you much money and your life.

Types Of The X-Rays

Two main dental X-ray types available are described with the words intraoral and extraoral. An intraoral dental x ray in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere is the most prevalent X-ray type. There are many intraoral X-ray types, each showing different teeth aspects. On the other hand, an extraoral X-ray enables detecting dental issues in the skull and jaw.

Why Choose Al Dana Medical And Dental Center For X-Rays?

A dental X-ray in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere perhaps appears complex to you, but it is a common procedure with the same importance as tooth cleanings. We have an array of treatment options with the X-rays to support our services. There are several dental experts in our clinic who can find things in clinical exam results and use X-rays for further verification. We can use these images to help guide your treatment plan how you want or how it best benefits you. Our priority is to get you in the best shape in terms of oral health; X-rays possibly help with that.

dental x ray in abu dhabi

Dental Radiology and its importance

Al Dana Medical and Dental Center provides the quality dental x-ray in Abu Dhabi. Once our dentists and orthodontists prescribe x-rays to study the condition of your teeth, gums and roots, they will suggest the quality possible treatment. With the x-ray they will be able to detect problems that can be seen through the naked eye or through oral examination. When you do your dental check ups on time, the dentist will be able to detect any problems, even if they have not started yet.

Al Dana has the most sophisticated test machines to get accurate images of your teeth and gums. This way the dentists will be able to detect any underlying gum or teeth problems and start treatments for them, sometimes even before you feel the discomfort.

When and why to use dental x rays

Our dentists would suggest an X-ray of your teeth and gums when they want to see the condition of your teeth, gums and roots. It would help them understand the jaw placement and facial bone composition. When you come in for a dental check up, the dentists would suggest x-rays when they suspect some issue that they want to see clearly. This would help them to detect the source of a problem, and find to what stage it has progressed. Our dentists rely on the accuracy of our premier machines to come up with the finest possible diagnosis and treatment.
Situations where our dentists suggest X-rays:


  • If they suspect an infection
  • Decay beneath existing fillings
  • Cysts and some types of tumors
  • Bone loss in the jaw
  • If there is an impacted or unerupted tooth
  • Abscessed teeth

Our dentists would suggest dental x-ray in Abu Dhabi to determine your eligibility for treatments like braces, dental implants, dentures and for certain procedures like root canal therapy and dental bone grafts.

How doctors evaluate dental x rays

The doctors will be able to evaluate the teeth from inside out and also see within the gums. This way they would be able to detect any problems or situations, and treat them before they become worse. They will be able to see problems that are usually missed during routine check ups.

Problems that revealed from dental x rays

Our x-rays machines are top class machines that would help diagnose any conditions affecting your teeth and gums. They would produce accurate images so our dentists would be able to evaluate the start or progression of any condition like cavity, infection, fracture, impacted teeth, abscess and so on. The machines are pointed to only those particular areas that the dentist recommends, so our x-rays are completely safe, with significantly reduced radiation risk. You can be assured of the accurate dental x-ray in Abu Dhabi at Al Dana.