Orthodontist in Abu Dhabi

Orthodontist Treatment

The term orthodontics alludes to a treatment option for malocclusion, which is among the most common cosmetic issues. People with malocclusion do not like how their teeth appear, which can seriously affect their self-esteem or confidence. It is potentially difficult to deal with crooked teeth, which may bring about tooth loss or decay. People with those forms of teeth have different issues such as eating issues, communication problems and issues with how they look. It is possible to cope with those issues with the help of an orthodontist in Abu Dhabi city too.


Orthodontics can correct how your jaws and teeth align, thereby helping you feel much better about your appearance. This is to say, you can be more confident about your looks with professional orthodontics treatment. Dentists with special training in correcting malocclusion are known as braces specialists or orthodontists. Our specialists, including an experienced orthodontist in Abu Dhabi, uses various equipment units and methods to move the teeth, and occasionally the jaw, to the right positions.

We would suggest a dental check-up for your child with an orthodontist if they are not aged above 7 years. Before beginning the treatment, an orthodontist in Abu Dhabi would diagnose the reason for malocclusion, take images and X-rays of the teeth and face, and make teeth models.

It is advisable to start to bring your son or daughter for the check-ups from the suggested age and get these done at least twice a year. If you do so, our dentist can find any issues early and aid your child in getting their fears out. It would also aid them in becoming familiar with seeing an orthodontist and having a healthy and fearless bonding.

We have a team of professionals, including a highly experienced orthodontist in Abu Dhabi, who focuses on offering advanced dental treatment services. Besides offering optimal orthodontics treatment, our team excels in being compassionate, bonding with children and caring about their dental concerns. This approach to early orthodontics treatment helps us to earn the trust of customers while leaving them with professional results and an enduring smile.


Orthodontist in Abu Dhabi provide premium orthodontic care that ensures that teeth work properly and helps people have attractive smiles. You can bite, chew, and talk more easily when you have a well alligned teeth. Misaligned teeth are more difficult to keep clean and may wear tooth enamel abnormally, necessitating time-consuming and costly dental work.

Orthodontic treatment is a means to straighten or move teeth to enhance their function and appearance. Spreading the pressure of biting over all of your teeth can also assist to protect the long-term health of your teeth, gums, and jaw joints. Numerous devices that most people refer to as “braces” can be used for orthodontic treatment.

Treatment can last anywhere between a few months and two and a half years, depending on how severe the issue is. In most cases, recovery takes between one and two years.

The optimal period for orthodontic treatment is typically during childhood, but adults can also get it, and more and more of them are. Age is not as significant as having the appropriate number of teeth. Before beginning therapy, it may be important to wait for enough baby teeth to erupt in children.

If you don’t take good care of your teeth during treatment, they could become damaged. The braces themselves won’t harm your teeth, but poor oral hygiene and a diet high in sugary foods and beverages will. Braces, wires, and brackets can trap food, causing plaque to accumulate more than usual. Therefore, you must thoroughly clean your teeth and appliance. It is always advised to get the treatment done by the orthodontist in Abu Dhabi.

Maintaining clean teeth while receiving orthodontic treatment is one of the most crucial duties of a patient. Orthodontic devices make it simple for food scraps and other dirt to accumulate around them. It is challenging to get rid of this by simply brushing.

Some people must wear their retainer continuously for 4 months, while others must wear theirs for 12 months. Almost all orthodontist in Abu Dhabi advise patients to wear a retainer of some kind every night, indefinitely, after their braces have been taken off.