Pediatric Dentistry in Abu Dhabi

Pediatric Dentist Abu Dhabi

We look to offer a relaxing and comfortable dental care experience for kids, from infancy to their adolescent years. We always look to offer quality oral and dental care to kids of any age. There are parents in our team of pediatric dentists who understand the pulse of children better than other professionals. We also understand that you live busy lives as families in the UAE. Therefore, we have taken your bustling lifestyle into account to simplify each of your dental health visits to us. To offer optimal experience for you and/or your children, we have skilled and accommodating pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi professionals as well as a friendly treatment setting.

Pediatric Dentist

Our pediatric dentistry operation goes beyond standard dentistry for children in that it emphasizes not only preventative care but also educating children and their parents on oral hygiene. Our pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi team focuses on preventative care to offer each child a natural, beautiful and healthy smile. Educating children and parents on oral hygiene has been one of our priorities for a long time now. With us, you can rest assured that we will improve your children’s health with high-quality and professional dental care.

Our biggest asset is still our dentistry team, the individuals that make us who we are today. Each member of our team takes pride in the quality of care they offer and cares much about those who trust our clinic for their dental care needs. Our healthcare instruments are safe and sterile, whereas our team members are honest, genuine and compassionate. We aim to let children be themselves while enjoying every appointment with our clinic’s staff. When you work with us as a parent, you can rest assured that your children are in a safe pair of hands.

We listen to whatever our visitors have to communicate and welcome everyone with a smile while promoting a trustful and calming atmosphere. We would offer you our feedback and/or professional recommendations only if we best understand your or your child’s concerns. We keep striving to do everything possible to make children’s stay enjoyable and easy while aspiring to cut down parents’ anxiety.

General Health Checkup for Kids

We are committed to delivering brilliant smiles and a positive experience to your children. We often get children who are nervous and anxious about visiting their dentists, but our dentists are all experts in pediatrics and have a way with children. As part of our pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi services, we provide both specialized and preventative care to children, and can handle complex dentistry problems. Our pediatric offices are designed to cheer the kids while providing them with the good care in Abu Dhabi. We have an incredible team of pediatric dentists at Al Dana, and they focus on care with compassion, especially by being empathetic.
We provide all kinds of treatments correcting children’s dental problems. Have a look at few of our services:

Fluoride Treatments

Through precision oriented Fluoride treatments, we will be able to protect your child’s teeth enamel, making them less susceptible to cavities or bacteria. If your child has the beginning of decay or cavities, fluoride treatment can reverse the harmful effect and stop the teeth from decaying. This is an in-office treatment, and our pediatricians would suggest the frequency of treatment depending on how susceptible your kids are.


Sealants are applied on your child’s teeth to provide a protective shield that blocks out the germs that might attack, especially on the chewing surface of the teeth. The sealants are applied on the molars and can prevent cavities for several years. If your child is prone to cavities, our dentists would apply a thin coating of sealant and protect your child’s teeth from developing cavities in the future.

Pulp Therapy

If your child is in pain and the reason is due to an inflamed pulp, we can help treat that by doing pulp therapy. It will restore the affected tooth and stop the pain. We do this treatment only if it is absolutely necessary, and after checking whether other treatments can help treat the affected teeth.

Habit Breaking Appliance

Being a kid friendly dental service, we aim to alleviate your distress in seeing your child sucking their thumb despite repeated advice. We place oral habit-breaking appliances to cure problems like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. They don’t interfere with your child’s eating. The appliance is actually a thin metal wire, so they are practically invisible as well.

A Complete Dental Care for you kids with Pediatric dentists Abu Dhabi

Al Dana is the right place for your kids because we have all kinds of facilities to help diagnose and treat all kinds of dental problems. We focus on providing the pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi services and to ensure your children get the premium care, we insist on regular dental checkups. Many problems can be detected early if your child gets timely care, and we aim to provide complete dental care, and high quality, affordable services. Get in touch with us to book an appointment with us today.


Pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi have received extensive training in all aspects of baby teeth. Additionally, they carry out particular procedures on   teeth and developing permanent teeth, like baby root canals (yes, they really do exist). Many other dental conditions, in addition to baby teeth, are only present in children.
  • Hold the tooth by the crown rather than the roots.
  • Ensure that the tooth is intact and not cracked.
  • If the tooth is unclean, avoid rubbing it or running it under the faucet. Clean it quickly in a bowl of warm tap water. The root’s surface cells must be kept alive and unharmed since they are necessary for reattachment.
  • By gently biting down on gauze or a wet paper towel, try to reposition the tooth in the socket. Until you get to your dentist, try to keep your jaw locked and bite down.
  • If you are unable to place your tooth into the socket, keep it in your cheek, a little saliva bottle, or some cold milk. If you have easy access to pharmacies, there are also over-the-counter remedies.
  • Then seek treatment as soon as you can at your Pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi.

The goal of your child’s first dental appointment is to make him or her feel at ease in the dental chair. By 12 months of age, or six months after the first tooth erupts, it is advised that children visit the dentist for the first time. The first visit usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

The best way to prepare your toddler is to discuss oral hygiene with them and go over what to expect during the dental appointment. Explain to your sweetheart that visiting a dentist will help him or her have stronger, healthier teeth using positive language. 

Children typically require X-rays more frequently than adults do. Their mouths quickly develop and change. Compared to adults, they are more prone to dental decay. Children who have a high risk of tooth decay should have X-rays taken every six months, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Oral health care in your children is vital in today’s lifestyle. There are in fact plenty of resources available in the internet where you can get to know more about kids oral health. Also you can visit Aldana MDC wherein you can have your kids checked with the pediatric dentists.