5 Things You are not aware Of Your teeth

5 Things You are not aware Of Your teeth

Taking care of your teeth is very important. You must brush and floss on regular basis, and along with that, visiting a dental expert center in Abu Dhabi every 6 months would be the right move. We’re giving here 5 facts about your teeth that you might not know or skip many times. Our dental hospital in Abu Dhabi has given these tips that need to be followed for knowing the right things about your teeth.

1) Toothbrush is not the only best friend of your teeth

It is real that toothbrushes and floss clean your teeth and both of them should be used regularly for good oral health. Your mouth encounters teeth first and saliva is known as the natural disinfecting cavity fighter. Tooth decay is majorly caused by sugar inside food and beverages. Plaque sticks to your teeth and spoils the enamel on your teeth.

Saliva rinses out your mouth and neutralizes it. A dry mouth won’t give you a cleaner result and may cause the buffering of saliva. If you do not have enough saliva in your mouth, it would result in many problems. Keeping a water bottle handy would do good for your teeth. A dry mouth creates a lot of issues and regular saliva creation would take care of your oral health.

2) Snacks and sips hurt your teeth

It is not about how much sugar you consume but about how you’re consuming it makes an impact. A piece of chocolate after dinner doesn’t make a difference but eating snickers in the evening or mid-time snacks would stick to your teeth. Regular sipping of beverages would also create problems. The acids created by the bacteria in the carbohydrates get onto your teeth. The more often you eat sugar and other carbs, there will be a chance for the acids to chip away your teeth’ enamel. Your teeth should eat all the things once rather than taking small bites for the whole day. One meal is equal to one acid attack on enamel.

3) Too much fluoride hampers teeth

The natural mineral fluorides prevent tooth decay but the use of ever-increasing sources, including water supplies, toothpaste, mouthwashes, etc. would ruin the health of your teeth. The best dentist in Abu Dhabi would recommend the usage of a limited amount of these products and even get the community water checked to check the amount of fluoride you’re stroking your teeth. Keep on the use of fluoride tooth products for children as they should use a pea-sized amount of their toothpaste. Be careful about your use of fluoride products.

4) Toothpaste needs spitting but not rinse effect

Do not swallow the toothpaste as it could affect your health. The more you rinse your teeth with the toothpaste, the longer the fluoride will stay in direct contact with your teeth. The dental expert center in Abu Dhabi says that there could be higher chances of tooth decay if the toothpaste is rinsed in the mouth and fluoride content goes higher.

5) Teeth indicate the overall health of a person

There are many people having gum diseases and the problem occurs due to tooth decay and other infections in the mouth. There are many health problems such as stroke, heart diseases, and diabetes that could be caused by gum issues. Oral health is more important than it seems and people do not realize it till they get some major problem in their life. Bacteria and inflammation are associated with the body fighting mechanisms that affect the other body areas as well.


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