Treat Your Child’s Dental Pain: Ensure Right Pediatric Dentistry

Treat Your Child’s Dental Pain: Ensure Right Pediatric Dentistry

As a kid, most of us had fantasies about the tooth fairy, and waited for the fairy to come bearing gifts in return for the milk tooth under the pillows. This could be because just like Santa, tooth fairies too filled the realm of our curiosity once upon a time. Childhood is an age to play, eat and satiate the curiosity buds within. It could also be a period when children get careless about the health of their teeth, not brushing properly, and eating chocolates and sweets without worrying about how it could damage their teeth.

Why? Reasons for dental pain in children

Prominent Pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi says that the most diagnosed cause for dental pain in children comes from an exposed dental pulp. The decaying of enamel might expose the dental pulps, the inner core of teeth, to hot or cold food items. A pain or sensitivity that accompanies these cases can be aggravated with a damaged dental pulp. It would be a good idea to visit a good dentist in Abu Dhabi once every 6 months to assess your child’s dental health. The dentist will do a thorough check up, and find the ‘root’ cause of the problem.

Read on more about how to ensure proper pediatric dentistry for your children:

Early dental care and prevention

Any pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi would recommend an early introduction for dental care to your children. Your kid’s teeth should be checked periodically by a good dentist in Abu Dhabi as long as he/she starts sprouting the first teeth. This will not only prevent the chances of dental pain, but also helps in an early detection before further complications. Pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi suggests maintaining and using proper oral hygiene, fluoride treatments and dental sealants to ensure a strong and healthy teeth for your kids.

Child friendly dental practices

It is always important to take your child into confidence before taking him to the Dentist. Just like with adults, children could become anxious and worried when they have toothache, and they might be afraid of visiting the dentist. The pain and the stress is likely to make the child cranky. The best clinics will be child friendly and make sure the treatment rooms have cheerful colours and toys. The dentists get friendly with the children fostering trust and confidence. This is a must-have feature that you must look for before selecting a good dentist in Abu Dhabi. Leading dental clinics in Abu Dhabi like Al Dana Medical Center has empathetic dentists in their team to make the child comfortable and relaxed

Orthodontic Guidance

The pediatric dentist will assess the alignment of teeth and jaws and provide orthodontic intervention, if needed. This is very crucial for your child’s dental development. The measures suggested by  are more in line with a preventive action, these are important things to consider to keep your child’s teeth healthy. Mind you, there are no shortcuts to dental health.

If you‘re looking for a child friendly pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi, Al Dana Medical Center would be a great option. They have an expert team of doctors who are certified and qualified to treat all kinds of dental issues and have a way with children.

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